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Champion of Russia, BelarusCh, UkraineCh,
Champion of National club of breed,
Grandee Champion of Russia
Lucky Smile for Dandy
37 sm, teeth is all
Jun.RusCh, RusCh
Lustrous Grand Present
Zhesvit Abris RusCh
Lundecock's Scarface
Reubicia Blue Flame at Ruscombe
Lundecock's Even Handed
Lynaire Sapphire Blue
Herds the Hornpiper
Lynaire Blue Savannah
RusCh, UKRCh, 2xChRKF,
Rus, Bel, Ukr GrandCh,
4xCh National Club
Lustrous Infanta
Rus Ch, Ch National Club
Lynaire Boy Blue
Herds The Hornpiper
Lynaire Blue Savannah
RusCh, Ch National Club
Golden Gates Deluchesse Cortny
Civic v.Bergisch Land
Carryng Light Little Family Jewel
Graite Vizedry Legend RusCh
Jefsfire Just William
Jefsfire Blaze Away GB Ch
Lythwood Sky Master
Jefsfire Golden Ivy
Jefsfire Dark Honey Jefsfire Format of Gemway
Jefsfire Magic Moments
Graite Vizedri Chaurelija RusCh
Graite Vizedri Black Enist
Gangster z Dablovy Studanky
San Little Golden Beauty
Graite Vizedri Beautiful Ursulina San Little Black Vilander
San Little Golden Beauty
Lucky Smile for Junicard 19.07.11 female
Lucky Smile for Junistar 19.07.11 female
Lucky Smile for Junilove 19.07.11 female
Lucky Smile for Juniqueen 19.07.11 female
L 30.06.10 male
Lucky Smile for Happy 30.06.10 female
Love Story 30.06.10 female
L 30.06.10 female

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