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2012 year

March 16, 2012 Ancestor of sheltie breeding in kennel Lucky Smile LUSTROUS INFANTA today celebrates 12 years of the birth.
Many years and the continued good health to you, Fanny!!!

January 29, 2012 Tula.
judge: A Burykin

Lucky Smile for Champagne beginning year with the fact that the finished a set of certificates for the title JUNIOR CHAMPION OF RUSSIA

January 23, 2012 Lithuania
judge: ?

On the second day of the Baltic Marathon Lucky Smile for Real Diamond has won class in Lithuania
and got certificate
I wish to Foxy successfully closed Champion of Lithuania!!!
January 22, 2012 Latvia
judge: ?

After a long pause Lucky Smile for Real Diamond decided to ride on the Baltic countries
The result was: CW, , Bes Female, BOB, Champion of Latvia!!!
My congratulations!!!
January 22, 2012 And some children!!!

Who moved to permanent residence in Finland Lucky Smile for Parental Love I made happy, and its owner Hiss Toivonen, the remarkable birth of four children - three daughters and son!!!
Father of puppies - who came to Finland from Sweden to visit Mainland's Powerpoint
January 19, 2012 The tradition continued!!!

Today is born charming Visiongerl Shelpery!!!
Happy dad - Lustrous Olster congratulations on the birth of babies
. Two girls sheltie tricolor and merle tricolor and a boy
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